Frequently Asked Questions

To book an appointment, all first-time clients need to visit our website From there you will input your information, pick the service you’re looking to do, will show you our availability and ask you for a credit card which will hold your appointment. If the service is already prepurchase you will still need to book via our website. Your credit card will not be charged unless you’re a no show or late cancellation (24-hour notice needed) in the amount of $50. The availability you see is exactly what we have.

A consultation is not needed for our services. You can book the service you’re looking to do and we can go over everything when you come in.

PCA products which are medical grade.

We use Candela lasers: Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths.

To achieve desired results, 8-15 treatments are typical per area, but it depends on stress, hormones and diet.

Laser sessions should be spaced 4-5 weeks apart initially and then it can vary based on where in the treatment cycle we are.

Basic Brazilian is just the triangle and labia. Full Brazilian is triangle, labia, bikini line and optional anus.

No, we cannot go over tattoos. It can damage your skin and destroy the tattoo.

Please shave the day of or day before your appointment. Stop waxing or tweezing a month before. Avoid sun exposure two weeks prior. Stop retinal a week before of lasering your face.

Stop any retinol products a week before your facial or laser treatments. Avoid sun exposure 1/2 weeks before. No waxing 1 week before.

Facial treatments are recommended 4-5 weeks apart. Your esthetician will go over a regimen for you to follow and how often you should receive a facial treatment.